Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

The Gomel Economic Forum is the largest international event in thelife of the Gomel region, held at the end of May.

The Forum is an international platform for meetings, open dialogue and exchange of experience between government officials, politicians and businessmen from different countries.

Every year the Forum presents a large-scale program of events aimed at introducing the economic and investment potential of the Gomel region to the guests of the Forum.

The Gomel Economic Forum has a glorious history. Over 16 years of its holding, the Forum has gained loyal friends, given a start to dozens of investment projects in the Gomel region, and allowed to establish stable professional contacts.

Annually, the Forum is attended by more than 500 representatives of Belarusian and foreign businesses, politicians and scientists from thirty countries.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it became impossible to hold the Gomel Economic Forum in 2020. It is obvious that there is no substitute for live human interaction and real contacts. However, today the Internet has significantly expanded the search possibilities, including search for trade and economic partners.

In this regard, we offer you a presentation of the investment potential of the Gomel region.
We also want to note that the materials posted on the website (investor’s guide, land lots, real estate, investment proposals) will be updated regularly. We hope that these materials will be useful for business circles wishing to start or expand business in the Gomel region.

If you have any questions, please contact us by phone: +375(232) 33-47-17, +375(232) 33-47-15.

We hope that the next 17th Gomel Economic Forum in 2021 will attract more visitors and will become an attractive international platform for establishing mutually beneficial partnership and cooperation.

Gomel region
Executive Committee