The 16th Gomel Economic Forum gathered together in Gomel participants from 28 countries of the world – Armenia, Bulgaria, India, China, Vietnam, Lithuania, Poland, Serbia, Estonia and others. These are representatives of the diplomatic corps, leaders of partner regions and business circles.

During the Forum, eight protocols and an agreement of intent were signed. Almost all contracts relate to the real sector of the economy. As it was noted by the Acting Chairman, the First Deputy Chairman of the Regional Executive Committee Gennady Solovey, the quantity, and most importantly, the quality of the investment agreements of the Forum, is growing from year to year. What is important, the number of enterprises, workplaces, the level of citizens’ well-being is growing.

As Deputy Minister of Economy of Belarus Yury Chebotar noted, Gomel region is a traditional leader in the country in terms of investment attractiveness. The trend is only increasing, which is promoted by Decree of the President No.7 “On the Development of Entrepreneurship”, which eliminated many administrative barriers in business and reduced the list of requirements for businessmen.

Gomel region also has logistical advantages, while a long range of preferences is provided for investors. Foreign capital in our region is really comfortable. Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of India in the Republic of Belarus Sangeeta Bahadur spoke about plans to invest in Gomel region. Two months ago, she said, negotiations began on the creation of a joint pharmaceutical enterprise in our region. Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Belarus in Romania Andrey Grinkevich told about the readiness of Romanians to increase imports of Belarusian goods into the country – these are mainly chemical products, metallurgy, glass and building materials.

The XVI Gomel Economic Forum will certainly be an additional impetus for investment – it can already be said with absolute certainty. At the plenary part of the Forum eight protocols of intent and one agreement on cooperation were signed.

The total amount of the portfolio of contracts is calculated at 130 million USD, the creation of 500 new workplaces is expected. For example, at JSC Gomelstroymaterialy, a project is planned for the reconstruction of a workshop for thermal insulation materials for 30 million Euros with the creation of 70 workplaces. On the territory of the FEZ “Gomel-Raton” the Estonian company intends to build a woodworking plant with a design capacity of more than 160 thousand cubic meters of sawn timber per year. 100 workplaces will be created here.

In Gomel, it is planned to build an authorized service center for the repair of Volvo trucks and trailers. Also in the plans are the organization of the production of knitted fabrics at the BELFA factory in Zhlobin, hydraulic equipment at the FEZ Gomel-Raton, the recycling of polymeric materials in Buda-Koshelevo district and the processing of metallurgical wastes in Zhlobin district. And yet – the construction of a plant for the extraction of kaolin clay in Zhitkovichy district (deposit “Dedovka”).

In addition, an agreement of intent to promote the production of JSC “Rogachev Dairy Plant” to the territory of the Russian Federation was signed. To promote its implementation will be the company “Unicom”. The parties intend to conclude an agreement to represent the interests of the Rogachev enterprise on the Russian market with a specified sales volume of about 35 million USD per year.

Within the framework of the forum, two more important documents were signed: a memorandum of cooperation between the Gomel and Fergana regions (Uzbekistan) and an agreement on the establishment of friendly and twin-city relations between the Mozyr region and the Vulkanesht region of Gagauzia (Moldova).


Organizing Committee of the XVI Gomel Economic Forum 2019 informs:
The registration of the participants of the Forum is over.
All the applications sent before the registration was over are being reviewed. All the persons concerned will be informed about the results of the review on the e-mail address provided in registration form.


During the work of the Gomel Economic Forum, it is planned to sign documents for almost $ 100 million.

Currently, eight documents are under development. These are seven protocols of intent for an amount of $ 78.67 million and one foreign trade contract for $ 20 million. The implementation of these projects will create 429 workplaces in the region.

156 projects in such areas as the woodworking industry, the processing of secondary material resources, food production, construction and building materials, chemical production, energy, agriculture, tourism, trade, services will be offered to investors at the forum. Also 120 properties, 15 open joint-stock companies for sale, 15 scientific developments, about 200 land plots will be offered to potential partners.

During the forum, the participants will not only get acquainted with the investment and economic potential of the region, learn about investment proposals, but also visit the XX International Exhibition “Spring in Gomel”, which will be held on May 23-26.

Registration continues, it will end on May 14 at 15.00.


Nearly 160 investment projects will be presented at the XVI Gomel Economic Forum. The forum will present the economic and investment potential of the region.

Investors will be offered projects in such areas as the woodworking industry, processing of secondary material resources, food production, construction and building materials, chemical production, energy, agriculture, tourism, trade, services, etc. Geography of projects includes almost all the districts of the region. For example, in Korma district it is possible to grow and process oyster mushrooms, in Petrikov district – proposed construction of gypsum plant based on deposit Brinevskoe, in Gomel district – creation of a mixed-type grapevine snail farm, in Buda-Koshelevo district – a logistic center. In addition to the projects on creation of new productions, modernization of existing plants, construction of facilities, potential partners will be acquainted with the free land plots and real estate.

The program of the Forum includes the work of five sections: “Agro-industrial complex”, “Construction, housing and utilities and transport complex”, “Trade, public catering and services”, “Tourism of the Gomel Region and Development Prospects”, “Small and Medium Business”. In addition, participants of the Forum will visit the XX International Exhibition “Spring in Gomel”, which will be held on May 23-26.

As of May 13, delegations from 17 countries are planning to participate in the Forum. These are representatives of the authorities, diplomatic missions, and business circles.

In total, 157 people expressed interest in an economic event.

The Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova in the Republic of Belarus Victor Sorochan, and the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Ukraine in the Republic of Belarus Igor Kizim confirmed their participation in the events of the forum.

Registration continues, it will end on May 14 at 15.00.


The Organizing Committee of the Forum informs:
Registration of participants of the Forum ends on May 14, 2019 at 03.00 p.m. in according to Eastern European time (UTC + 2).
After the mentioned time, applications for participation in the Forum will not be accepted.


As of April 26, representatives of 12 countries are expected to attend the events of the annual Economic Forum in the city above Sozh. The agreement to participate in the forum has already been reached with representatives of Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Bulgaria, India, China, Lithuania, Poland, Serbia, Syria, Estonia. The 12th country is, of course, Belarus.

According to the press service of the regional executive committee, the Forum and the International Exhibition “Spring in Gomel” will be attended by:

– Trade Attache of the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in the Republic of Belarus Karen Yesayan;

– Charge d’Affaires – second secretary of the Embassy of the Syrian Arab Republic in the Republic of Belarus Yahya Mohammad Ibrahim;

– Member of the Board of Lubusz Voivodeship (Republic of Poland) Tadeusz Jedzheychak;

– Head of the Trade and Economic Affairs Service of the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in the Republic of Belarus Luchezar Nikolov;

– Head of the Representative Office of the Nizhny Novgorod Region of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Belarus Sergei Petrov;

– Deputy Governor of the Bryansk region of the Russian Federation Galina Petushkova.

In addition, the arrival of the official delegation of the city of Hohhot (Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China), headed by the head of the Department of Industry and Informatization of the Administration of Gao Ruijun, is planned.