10 reasons to invest in the Gomel region

1. Strategic position

Gomel region is the largest in the Republic of Belarus. The area of its territory-almost forty-five hundred square kilometers, accounting for one-fifth of the country. Gomel region is located in the south-east of Belarus. It shares borders with the Bryansk region of Russia, as well as Kiev, Chernigov, Zhytomyr and Rovno regions of Ukraine.
A prime location in the transport chain from Europe to Russia makes our region attractive for implementation of any investment projects focused on foreign markets. International integration processes only strengthen this advantage.
Active development of the Common Economic Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan creates a huge barrier-free market capacity of more than180 million consumers. In addition, the Gomel region is an important element of the transport route, which links major port regions -the Baltic and the Black Sea.
Through the Gomel region pass important transport routes: Odessa – Kiev- St. Petersburg, Bakhmach- Vilnius, Bryansk -Brest. Length of public roads is over 12 thousand kilometers.
90% of the country’s rail freight and about half of passenger trains pass through the region. Large railway junctions are Gomel, Zhlobin, Kalinkovichy. International Airport works in Gomel.


2. Economic stability

During the 2011-2015, in the Gomel region was a high rate of growth of gross regional product, which for five years amounted to105,5%.
With a stable population the size of the gross regional product per 1 inhabitant in 2015 increased by almost in 5 times in compared to 2010.


3. Developed industry

Industrial complex of the Gomel region is the “engine” of our regional economy, providing more than half of the gross regional product.
The region is the largest highly developed industrial regions of the country. For 2015 industrial products produced amounting to 152,5 trillion rubles, or 9,6mlrd.USD. It employs about three hundred large and medium-sized enterprises, whose share in the volume of industrial production more than 20%. In the industrial sector in the Gomel region employs about 170,000 people, or26,8% of economically active population.
The main types of economic activity are the production of petroleum, metallurgical industry, machinery and equipment, mining of energy minerals, chemical industry, processing industry and others.
In the region carried the whole production of Belarusian oil and gas, manufacturing of window glass, all forage harvesters and about 90%of combine harvesters, more than 90% of steel, more than 50%of paper and cardboard, about half of gasoline and diesel fuel.

Key regional enterprises
Oil refining and chemical lindustry:
JSC “Mozyr Oil Refinery”
RUE “Belorusneft”
JSC “SvetlogorskHimvolokno”
JSC “Gomel Chemical Plant”
Metallurgical industry, machinery and equipment production:
JSC “Gomselmash”
JSC”Byelorussian Steel Works-Holding management company” Belarusian Metallurgical Company”
JSC “Rechitsa metizny plant”
Woodworking and pulpand paper industry:
JSC “Svetlogorsk Pulp and Paper Plant”
JSC “Gomeldrev”
JSC “Rechitsadrev”
Building materials industry:
JSC “Gomelsteklo”
JSC “Gomelstroimaterialy”
Textile and garment industry:
JSC “Comintern”
JSC “8March”
Food industry:
JSC “Spartak”
JSC “Gomel Fat Factory’
JSC “Mozyrsalt”
JSC “Gomel Alcoholic Beverages Factory «Radamir»
JSC “Rogachev DairyPlant”
JSC “Milkavita”
JSC “Gomel Meat Processing Plant”
OJSC “Zhlobin Meat Processing Plant”
JSC “Kalinkovichi Meat Processing Plant”


4. Export orientation

Our region is export-oriented. Over the past few years there has been a steady increase in the volume of foreign trade turn over. About 60% of all produce is supplied to markets in the near and far abroad.
The main trade partner of the region remains the Russian Federation, which accounts for more than 50% of foreign trade.
By the end of 2015 the volume of foreign trade turn over amounted to more than 7mlrd.USDdollars, including export -$ 3,1mlrd.USD,imports–3,9mlrd.USD.
Traditionally key positions of exports are ferrous metal sand their products, oil and products of its processing, machines and mechanisms, chemical products, and products of meat and dairy industry. Abroad purchases oil, scrap, plastics, certain types of chemical and engineering industries.
Organization of the Gomel region cooperate with trade partners from more than 100 countries around the world. The most actively developing trade with Russia, Germany, Poland, the Baltic countries.


5. Gomel region- the leader on the level of labor productivity

Labor productivity in the Gomel region, expressed in volume of industrial production per 1 inhabitant, in recent years takes leading positions in the country.


6. A high percentage of the labor force with higher, secondary and vocational education

Gomel region has developed scientific and technical complex. There are 3 institutes and Gomel branch of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 8higher education institutions, 6 of which – universities, more than 20sectoral scientific and design institutes, special engineering and design and technological bureau, Gomel Science and Technology Park.
The network of educational institutions includes about 650 secondary schools and vocational schools, with an enrollment of more than 175 thousand people.
The work of all educational institutions of Gomel region allows to let out annually about 22 thousand workers and specialists at all levels for the region’s economy.
More than 50% of inhabits of the region have higher, secondary and technical education.


7. High potential for innovation activity

In our region, created one of the first in the country Science and Technology Park. Its residents are small businesses that are engaged in the development of advanced technologies for all sectors of the economy.
For the mare created as legal preferences of doing business, such as reduced to 10% of income tax rate and exemption from local taxes, as well as good organizational and technical conditions of economic activity- comfortable office space, assistance in business planning, advertising services, information support.
Today in Gomel Technopark implemented innovative projects to develop special software, automation of production processes, development of information technology of resources and energy saving.
Regional branch of the Belarusian Scientific and Industrial Association, the Belarusian Society of Inventors and Innovators, a regional department of the National Technology Transfer Center, Center for scientific, technical and business information and business innovation center are in Gomel.
The greatest emphasis is on applied research and experimental development.
The cost structure for research and development.


8. The best conditions for business

To create a productive and comfortable business environment in our region there are a number of organizations that has an aim to promote and support investment, production, foreign trade, marketing and business enterprises. Great trust and popularity among business entities are business services of the Gomel branch of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce, Center for Standardization and Certification, Gomel branches of the National Centre for Marketing and Price, the insurance company ”Beleximgarant” Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange, as well as Support Centres of Entrepreneurship. These institutions of business infrastructure in the Gomel region are ready to provide any support for the successful implementation of investment projects and provide professional assistance in all areas of economic activity.
In addition, the Free Economic Zone ”Gomel-Raton” works in the Gomel region, that locates not only on the territory of the city of Gomel, and also in 11 regions of Gomel region. The area of about 7.5ths.ha.


9. A wide choice of properties and the possibility of redemption of shares of companies

Unused ready to use industrial premises are in the Gomel region. Many manufacturing facilities are equipped with ventilation, sewage, heating, water, electricity and provided with access roads and railway lines.
In addition to the acquisition of real estate at auction, real estate investor can get for free use, and even for free in property.
A number of properties can be purchased for one base unit, which is now less than $ 10.
In addition, investors are able to acquire not only properties, but also any blocks of shares of joint stock companies, which may be sold at auction or by tender. Over the past five years in the Gomel region sold shares totaling more than 34 million USD.
Currently in the Gomel region, there are more than 200companies whose shares can be sold to potential investors.


10. We are trusted by foreign investors

In 2015 the capital from 40 countries worked in the Gomel region. The volume of foreign investment in the region over the past four years is more than5mlrd. USD, which allows our region to become leaders.
Specific weight of foreign investments in the total amount received by the Republic of Belarus for2011-2015.