Real estate

Initial selling price – 1 base amount

Buda-Koshelevo district – Building of school (DOWNLOAD)
Buda-Koshelevo – Building of school with boiler room (DOWNLOAD)
Vetka district – Building of specialized for other purposes (building No. 3) (DOWNLOAD)
Vetka district – Building of the Village Club (DOWNLOAD)
Yelsk district – Kozly house of cultural and social services (DOWNLOAD)
Yelsk District – Building of Novo-Dubrovsk School (DOWNLOAD)
Yelsk district – Bath house (DOWNLOAD)
Zhlobin district – The building of kindergarten and primary school (DOWNLOAD)
Zhlobin district – Buildings of the Basic and Primary School (DOWNLOAD)
Zhlobin district – Youth Center Building (DOWNLOAD)
Zhlobin district – School building (DOWNLOAD)
Kalinkovichy district – Building of bath house (DOWNLOAD)
Kalinkovichy district – Building of public bath (DOWNLOAD)
Kalinkovichy district – School building (DOWNLOAD)
Kalinkovichy district – Building of the kindergarten (DOWNLOAD)
Lelchitsy district – Building of the military-sports camp (DOWNLOAD)
Lelchitsy district – Building of shop (DOWNLOAD)
Loev district – Building of club and library (DOWNLOAD)
Loev district – Unidentified building (non-residential building) (DOWNLOAD)
Oktyabrsky district – Building of wagon-sauna (DOWNLOAD)
Oktyabrsky district – Building of the rural house of folk art (DOWNLOAD)
Octyabrsky district – Building of Village House of Folk Art (DOWNLOAD)
Oktyabrsky district – Building of culture and leisure center (DOWNLOAD)
Oktyabrsky district – Building of Village Hall (DOWNLOAD)
Oktyabrsky district – Building of Hall of Social and cultural services (DOWNLOAD)
Petrikov district – Building of bathhouse (DOWNLOAD)
Petrikov district – Shop building (DOWNLOAD)
Petrikov district – Building of Village Club (DOWNLOAD)
Petrikov district – Building of the feldsher-midwife center (DOWNLOAD)
Petrikov district – Administrative building (DOWNLOAD)
Rechitsa district – Kindergarten (DOWNLOAD)
Rechitsa district, Rechitsa – Building of workshops and warehouse (DOWNLOAD)
Rechitsa district – Building of the basic school (DOWNLOAD)
Rechitsa district – Building housing and operational management (DOWNLOAD)
Rechitsa district – Building of kindergarten (DOWNLOAD)
Rechitsa district – Administrative building with catering (DOWNLOAD)
Rogachev district – Building of a bathhouse with a vestibule (DOWNLOAD)
Rogachev district – Building of kindergarten (DOWNLOAD)
Svetlogorsk district – Building of dormitory (DOWNLOAD)
Khoiniki district – Grain storage building (DOWNLOAD)

Total area under 500 square m.

Vetka district – Diner building (DOWNLOAD)
Gomel region – Building of warehouse (DOWNLOAD)
Gomel – Unidentified building with garages (DOWNLOAD)
Gomel district – Building of Village Council (DOWNLOAD)
Gomel – Administrative building (DOWNLOAD)
Zhitkovichy district – Part of production base (DOWNLOAD)
Zhitkovichy district – Building mechanical repair shop (DOWNLOAD)
Zhitkovichy district – Administrative building (DOWNLOAD)
Zhitkovichy district – Building of club (DOWNLOAD)
Zhitkovichy district – building of the bath and laundry complex (DOWNLOAD)
Zhlobin district – Building of barracks (DOWNLOAD)
Zhlobin district – Building of barracks (DOWNLOAD)
Zhlobin district – Complex of buildings, structures and equipment (DOWNLOAD)
Zhlobin district – Non-residential building with a basement (DOWNLOAD)
Zhlobin district – Administrative building (DOWNLOAD)
Zhlobin district – Non-residential building (office) (DOWNLOAD)
Zhlobin district – Building of office (DOWNLOAD)
Zhlobin district – Administrative building (DOWNLOAD)
Kalinkovichy district – Building integrated reception point (DOWNLOAD)
Kalinkovichy district – Building of dinner-room (DOWNLOAD)
Korma district – Building of weaving factory (DOWNLOAD)
Korma district – Building of workshop No.2 (DOWNLOAD)
Korma district – Building of kindergarten (DOWNLOAD)
Loev district – The building of FAPs (DOWNLOAD)
Mozyr district – Non-residential building (DOWNLOAD)
Mozyr – The building is a dining room with a cellar (DOWNLOAD)
Mozyr – Building of mechanical workshop (DOWNLOAD)
Petrikov district – Building of the former library (DOWNLOAD)
Rogachev district – Bathhouse building with a terrace (DOWNLOAD)
Rogachev district – Building of the boiler house (DOWNLOAD)
Rogachev district – Building of the boiler house (DOWNLOAD)
Khoiniki district – Building of the dinner room (DOWNLOAD)
Svetlogorsk – Building of the warehouse (DOWNLOAD)
Svetlogorsk – Building of warehouse No.3 (DOWNLOAD)
Svetlogorsk – Building of warehouse No.1 (DOWNLOAD)
Svetlogorsk – Building of warehouse No.2 (DOWNLOAD)
Svetlogorsk – Building of warehouse for 4 boxes (DOWNLOAD)
Svetlogorsk – Building of administrative office (DOWNLOAD)

Total area 500 – 1000 square m.

Gomel – Administrative building (DOWNLOAD)
Zhlobin district –Building of club (DOWNLOAD)
Zhlobin district – Isolated premises (DOWNLOAD)
Kalinkovichy district – Complex of real estate (DOWNLOAD)
Korma district – Three-storey brick building (DOWNLOAD)
Loev district – The building of the bath and laundry plant (DOWNLOAD)
Mozyr district – Unfinished stopped capital structure of 10% readiness (cafe for 150 places) (DOWNLOAD)
Mozyr district – Non-residential building (production) with two garages (DOWNLOAD)
Mozyr – Building of production base (DOWNLOAD)
Rechitsa district – Premises built into a residential building (DOWNLOAD)
Rechitsky district – Kindergarten No.1 (DOWNLOAD)
Rechitsa district – Building of agromechanical department with household premises (DOWNLOAD)
Rechitsa – Administrative building (DOWNLOAD)
Svetlogorsk – Building of warehouse No.2 (DOWNLOAD)
Svetlogorsk –Building of the Department of Chief Engineer(cafe for 150 places) (DOWNLOAD)

Total area 1000 – 2500 square m.

Gomel – Administrative building (DOWNLOAD)
Gomel district – Remises of administrative building (DOWNLOAD)
Dobrush district – Premises of the Office building (DOWNLOAD)
Dobrush district – Building of kindergarten with equipment (presented as a single lot with building of boiler) (DOWNLOAD)
Zhitkovichy district – Garages building with 30 boxes (DOWNLOAD)
Gomel region, Zhlobin – Base of the branch of the Construction Department-252 (DOWNLOAD)
Gomel region, Zhlobin – Base of the branch of the Construction Department-162 (DOWNLOAD)
Gomel region, Zhlobin – Administrative building of the workshop No. 2 (DOWNLOAD)
Zhlobin district – Building of club (DOWNLOAD)
Zhlobin district – Building of kindergarten – primary school (DOWNLOAD)
Kalinkovichy district – The building of the kindergarten and vegetable store (DOWNLOAD)
Lelchitsy district – Grain storage building (DOWNLOAD)
Mozyr district – General warehouse building with overpass (DOWNLOAD)
Mozyr district – Building of the main block (DOWNLOAD)
Narovlya district – The building of the educational building (historical and cultural value of 2 categories) (DOWNLOAD)
Rechitsa district – Building of school (DOWNLOAD)
Rogachev district – Arch type building №1 (DOWNLOAD)
Khoiniky district – Potato Storage Building (DOWNLOAD)
Gomel region, Svetlogorsk – Administrative building (DOWNLOAD)

Total area over 2500 square m.

Vetka district – Isolated Production Premises (DOWNLOAD)
Gomel district, Zyabrovks Village Council, settl. Korenevka – Material warehouses (DOWNLOAD)
Rogachev district – non-residential building (production) four-story building number 3 “B” (DOWNLOAD)
Rogachev district – a non-residential (industrial) three-story building with a basement building No. 9 (DOWNLOAD)
Svetlogorsk district – Hotel (DOWNLOAD)

Former camps

Gomel district – The complex of buildings and structures of the recreation camp “Liteyschik” (DOWNLOAD)
Gomel district – Health camp “Chaika” (DOWNLOAD)

Other objects

Gomel – Multifunctional building with a boiler room (DOWNLOAD)